Since 1968, Daco Animal Nutrition has been a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of vitamin and trace mineral premixes, for swine, poultry, dairy and beef producers. To this day, customers rely on Daco’s manufacturing and nutrition expertise to produce custom feeding programs that include:

  • Vitamin Premixes
  • Mineral Premixes
  • Complete Feeds
  • Vitamin Trace Mineral Premixes
  • Micro Premixes
  • Feed Ingredients

Daco is a provider of custom livestock and poultry nutrition solutions, and your source for professional on-farm consultation and leading on-site formulation support. We are a recognized industry leader in the development and manufacturing of competitive, performance premix products, that are backed by company-owned laboratory. On-site, SAA FarmLab, tests on-farm feed, manure and soil samples to ensure fast, balanced and accurate ration formulation. Feed is the single largest input cost for livestock producers and by ensuring the balance of feedstuffs such as, hay, silage or small grains, and checking the quality of total mixed rations (TMR) we balance nutrition geared for performance and return. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to service and producer satisfaction of performance results. We let our on-farm results do the talking!

Sourcing local ingredients, delivering quality premixes, pricing competitively based on current markets, and accurately analyzing on-farm nutrients, our mission is to provide the producer with value-based nutrition programs. We follow strict standards and protocols, allowing us to exceed what’s expected in bio-security and animal welfare practices in Canada.

We believe in sharing our field knowledge and animal nutrition expertise to foster a collaborative approach to the farm/feed supplier relationship. Armed with scientific yet practical animal nutrition expertise, Daco Customers see results – and together we shape solutions for almost any production challenge or goal.

Daco Animal Nutrition is Ontario’s premier source for poultry and livestock formulation services, ingredient and soil analysis and ultimately the production of custom premixes. We make purchasing easy – with accurate ration balancing, friendly service and timely delivery.

Our People
Service and Satisfaction Promise

To ensure the success of the relationship between customer and company, Daco assigns each customer a skilled Account Manager. All Daco Account Managers focus on prompt service and timely analysis results. Should a problem arise, our customers have a direct point contact, who takes very seriously troubleshooting issues on-farm. It’s the Daco promise of Service and Satisfaction.

As an industry leader, we strive to exceed the standard for service, quality products and timely delivery. Our quality control programs, including ingredient traceability, industry certifications and on-farm forage reporting through the DacoFarm Report System, underscore our commitment to providing our customers with value and security.


In May 2012, the Animal Nutrition Association of Canada launched a new program to assist FeedAssure® certified facilities to implement and obtain certification in the ISO 22000 food safety management system standard. ISO 22000 offers a auditable framework for organizations looking to raise the bar in managing their food safety risks. The standard combines HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and a comprehensive management system whose aim is to meet customer and regulatory requirements for organizations requiring an internationally-recognized food safety management system.

Feedmatch supplies livestock nutrition solutions, in specially formulated feeds and practical information. Profitable livestock farming depends on the efficient use of feeds and our products and services are aimed at getting maximum performance for the best cost, making the best use of home grown feeds and commodities. Our commitment is to customer service and custom formulated supplement feeds to provide a complete nutritional package for beef, dairy, swine and sheep.

Feedmatch has been a leader in innovative services and products to help customers achieve more profitable production.

Livestock Feedmatch and Bell’s Livestock Feeds were originally divisions of Ontario Livestock Feed Supplements Ltd., incorporated in 1978 when Bell’s became a wholly owned Canadian Company. Bell’s had been supplying vitamin and mineral premixes and supplements to farmers since 1933.

Feedmatch is a private company owned by David and Beatriz Gosling. Dave Gosling, a pharmacist, came to Canada from Great Britain in 1972 and acquired the company in 1982. Feedmatch was created in 1990 and David and Beatriz instigated the policy, “Tell us exactly what you want… and consider it done.” Feedmatch has grown steadily, predominantly in the Ontario beef feeding sector, utilizing custom, on-farm premix programs. The company is based in New Hamburg, Ontario.

In February of 2016, Masterfeeds acquired 100% of the shares of Keymatch Corporation (operating as Feedmatch, one of Ontario’s leading premix companies). Feedmatch animal premix production will now take place at the Masterfeeds premix plant (Daco Animal Nutrition) in Stratford, Ontario. Customers will continue to be supplied with existing formulations under the Feedmatch brand, serviced by their current Feedmatch representatives.

All Feedmatch sales, nutrition and support personnel will be joining Masterfeeds and will continue to be led by Dave Gosling, founder of Feedmatch, based at the Stratford plant.

For more information about Feedmatch, please visit